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My Book Review of THE ITALIAN PARTY by Christina Lynch


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My Book Review


“I don’t want to go save the world… I want to go home. What have I done?”

3.5 Stars for The Italian Party in Siena, Italy!


Wow! I did not think The Italian Party was going to pack in all that drama!!!! Its like an episode of Big Little Lies, but based in the post WW II era in the 1950’s. The book kept me captivated and entwined in these characters of how this plot was going to play out until the final page!


I found the writing to be a bit choppy where you have to bridge the gap. I might be a bit used to more writing style that outlines everything for me, but it didn’t take away from the story. I enjoyed the story I just didn’t prefer the outlining and format of the ebook version that I read. The book switched POVs so that was a bit confusing in the beginning as you are learning the parts of the story.


If you are interested in a romantic, gossip fueled, drama induced story pick this book up! It has a lot more pieces to this puzzling story that you don’t even suspect!