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Release Blitz & My Book Review SPAR by Rebecca Jenshak

Title: Spar
Author: Rebecca Jenshak
Series: Sweetbriar Lake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Chris White can take his big, chiseled muscles and shove it… at least to the room down the hall. After her apartment building goes up in flames, Tori Calloway finds her-self shacked up with her brother’s best friend and the man she’s spent the better part of her twenties hating with every fiber of her being.
Chris knows how to throw a punch that’ll drop a man to his knees, but sparring with Tori is a whole different game. He was just a boy when he lost her the first time, and he’s not about to make the same mistake twice. Toe to toe with his fiercest competitor yet, he won’t go down without a fight.
**Spar is a sexy, contemporary romance STANDALONE. Each book in the Sweetbriar series will follow a different couple**
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Chris racked the barbell and glanced at the clock. It had been nearly eight hours since Tori had stormed — or rather, haughtily limped — upstairs. If she was determined to hide out, he wasn’t going to go banging down the door. This was his house, and he wasn’t tiptoeing around to spare her feelings. As he skipped up the dark stairway, he peeled off his sweaty shirt and shorts. A hot shower before bed sounded great.
No light peered out from the master bedroom. Tori was either sleeping or pretending to sleep. Either way it was a pretty clear signal she wanted to be left alone. Chris turned the door handle to the room he’d claimed for himself. Inside, he closed the door quietly and stepped out of his boxers. He fumbled for the light switch, cursing as he tripped over a pillow lying on the floor. What the hell?
“Oh my God, what are you doing!?” A female voice screamed as the light flicked on, revealing a shocked Tori in his bed, pulling the covers up to her chin like a child.
Chris froze, momentarily taken aback by the woman in his room. Recovering quickly, he let her stare at his naked form. That’s right, sweetheart. Look all you want. A faint pink crept up her neck and into her cheeks, confirming that she liked what she saw.
Tori covered her head with the blanket, screaming incoherently.
Chris headed to the bathroom, smiling at the sight of her hiding under the covers.
“This is my room. I had planned on taking a shower and going to bed alone, but this is a nice surprise. Care to join me in the shower, or do you want to wait for me here?”
Tori flung the covers off and hobble-stalked after him.
“Shower it is, then?” Chris said as his eyes wandered down to her bare legs and back up to her chest, which was covered with his gym shirt. The cut-off sleeves showed just a hint of side-boob, making it next to impossible to look away.
She crossed her arms as she apparently recognized him openly appreciating her choice of clothing. The weight of her arms pressed against her chest pushed her breasts up higher. He’d never be able to wear that shirt again without picturing her in it.
“So where am I supposed to sleep?” she demanded, not looking at him.
“You’re more than welcome to sleep in my bed, but I made up the master for you. End of the hallway,” he said as he stepped into the spray of warm water.
She either needed to get her ass in the shower now, or he was gonna need a hell of a lot more than water to keep his feelings and something else from springing up.













Rebecca lives in Arizona with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, going to the movie theater, and binge-watching Netflix.



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Spar Review


4.5 Stars

“I made the mistake of letting you push me away. I’m not making that mistake again.”

Rebecca Jenshak writes the perfect sweet and steamy romance novels! I was so excited to return to Sweetbriar Lake and see what Rebecca has in store for the cast of characters living in this small town. If you love am enemies to lovers romance then you will definitely enjoy Spar! I fell in love with Chris and on top of it all he is a boxer too! Spar is Book 2 in the series, but each book is a standalone and can be read separately; although Sweat, Book 1, does introduce you to the group of friends of Sweetbriar Lake. If you are looking for a good, yummy, and sexy romance novel with light drama pick up this series STAT!


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Author Spotlight: Rebecca Jenshak

AAuthor Spotlight

Congratulations Rebecca Jenshak on your second published novel SPAR! I just LOVED this enemies to lovers story and getting to go back to small town Sweetbriar Lake!



Thank you for Rebecca for taking the time to answer some questions for my blog today. Rebecca and I bonded over our love for Sex and the City. When she commented in a book Facebook group how everything could relate to Carrie Bradshaw I just knew we would get along!

Q. How did you come from body builder to contemporary romance writer?
Ha! I have degrees in English & Technical Writing and I’ve been a hobby writer all my life. I always wanted to write a book but never got very far into a story before I’d abandon it because writing is freaking hard! Then in the summer of 2016, I finally decided it was now or never and went for it.
Q. I know that you are an avid reader and audiobook listener. Which books are currently the top of your TBR?
I’m newly obsessed with Helena Hunting. I just finished her Pucked series and am starting in on Shacking Up next. I’m also really excited for Kristen Ashley’s The Hookup which releases later this month.
Q. What book will be next for you? Have you started writing a new book?
Next up is Mister Cowboy. It’s a CEO/cowboy book that I am SO excited about. It releases in March. I’ll also be releasing a short story in early 2018 called Drive Me Crazy. I’m writing Shackle now – it’s the third book in the Sweetbriar Lake series and it’s Claire’s book. I’m hoping to release that one in Spring/Summer 2018.
Q. What is your coffee/tea drink of choice?
I’m a coffee girl for sure!
Q. Do you have a certain thing that you do to celebrate your latest book release?
No, not really. Tonight I plan to kick my feet up with a margarita in hand & binge watch SATC – it’s my go-to for every occasion!
Thank you Rebecca for being a part of my Author Spotlight today, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Sweetbriar Lake series which you can find Book 1 – SWEAT & Book 2 – SPAR on my blog. And go enter the GIVEAWAY on my Instagram page for Spar’s Release!
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SPAR by Rebecca Jenshak is LIVE


SPAR, A Sweetbriar Lake Novel, has ARRIVED!


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About the Author


Rebecca lives in Arizona with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, going to the movie theater, and binge-watching Netflix.