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TEMPORARY By Sabrina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry is LIVE

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The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen is the one who can ruin everything…

The first time I lay eyes on Callan Walker, I know he’ll be trouble. With his smug grin, hot Aussie accent and thousand dollar shoes, he’s just the kind of rich guy who always gets what he wants.

And he wants two things: a night of sin, and my cooperation as he outmaneuvers his powerful mother to take control of his uncle’s estate.

I can’t afford either one. I’m the only thing standing between my little sister and the foster care system. He may have money and charm on his side, but I have something even more powerful — pure desperation. This temp job at his mother’s company can become a full time job for me. It has to.

But when Callan’s eyes rake over my body, sometimes I forget my obligations. His piercing gaze finds the fun, optimistic girl I used to be and not the tired person I’ve become.

And it works–if only for a moment. Our night together was a mistake. I can’t afford to get sucked into his high-powered family’s treachery. But the closer I get to Callan, the more layers I find beneath those expensive clothes. Though I can’t forget this is temporary. He’s temporary. I have too much to lose.

Too bad my foolish heart didn’t get the memo…


My Book Review

This is my first book to read by both authors, and I cannot wait to go dive into more of their books!
I loved Temporary with hot Aussie, Callen Walker, and hard working NYCer Grace Kerrington!



The authors give us a great foundation where the main characters are forced meeting under strenuous circumstances. It’s more of a slow burn romance where you can’t wait to see where their romantic journey will begin while dealing with some mega family drama on both fronts.

Callan Walker is the utmost playboy bachelor escaping reality and living the fancy life off his trust fund.

“There are days when I feel like pulling a Callan, when I want to run off and take a four-year vacation.” 


Where poor Grace has been dealt some serious bad luck with guys and family.

“He was a good guy. Right up until the minute he left. But everyone does that to us. Grace and I repel men. Fathers. Boyfriends. We’re like Kryptonite.” 

My favorite part of the story has to deal with ‘100 Days of Callen’ – all I can explain is that you just have to read the book to find out! Go pick up this book it has a Hot talking Aussie ready to give you his numbah and Grace determined to get herself a happy ending one day!

About the Authors


Sabrina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont’s Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.

In 2016, Sarina became a Rita Award winner! The Romance Writers of America honored HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy with Best Contemporary Romance, Mid-Length.



Sarah Mayberry

Since no one was banging down my door offering me a publishing contract for a gazillion dollars, I took a job in trade journalism writing about…wait for it…hardware. Nuts and bolts and electric drills. Six years of them, in fact. From journalism I moved into corporate communications for a major retailer, launching a new consumer magazine for them, and finally I wound up working in television on Australia’s longest running serial drama, Neighbours. This was a great job, and it taught me an enormous amount about character, story, structure and emotional story telling. It also helped me see where I’d been going wrong with my romance writing.

I went back to the drawing board. I wrote. I submitted. I waited. More than a year and a couple of revisions later, I got The Call. Much dancing with underwear on head and champagne swilling ensued.

I still write for TV – mostly Neighbours, but I also co-created a teen drama series called Karaoke High that screened in New Zealand, Canada, France and Australia. And I occasionally help out on other shows and consult on movie projects. Mostly, though, it’s just me in my PJs, hanging around with my laptop, writing about the stuff I love to read – romance – with my furry black dog, Max, by my side. Long may it continue!