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FAST FIVE FRIDAY: 4th of July Reads, Drinks, and Eats


I know it is far from last Friday but I was really wanting to get this post up before Wednesday, Fourth of July! So here are some fun romance books paired with some festive cocktails and Red Velvet Pancakes to indulge on this American holiday.


Lawless – California Surfer Summer

[book-info title=”1″ author=”1″ number=”1″]



Rush – Summer in The Hamptons Bar

[book-info title=”2″ author=”2″ number=”2″]

[book-info title=”5″ author=”5″ number=”5″]



I Flipping Love You – The Hamptons you need more Rose’

[book-info title=”3″ author=”3″ number=”3″]



Revelry – Summer in the Mountains

[book-info title=”4″ author=”4″ number=”4″]

Please comment below if you try any of these!!!!

Especially if you have read any of these books!

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Summer Romance Novels Reading List

summer reading

I cannot believe that we are about to enter the final weeks of summer!?!?! It literally flew by for me. Before summer ends I want to share with you some of my fave beach/summer Romance Novels with you.


For a book to qualify for my Summer/Beach Reading List the book has to be light on the drama, tropical locale preferable, and just an all around easy-happy-steamy-lustful-romantic book. I feel that when you are laying out at the pool, beach, boat you want a book that is not super intense you can’t enjoy a poolside cocktail to cool you off, but still not want to put it down. Without further adieu here is my list!


[book-info title=”Lawless” author=”Tracey Ward”][book-info number=”1″]

[book-info title=”When Its Real” author=”Erin Watt”] [book-info number=”2″]

[book-info title=”Sweat” author=”Rebecca Jenshak”][book-info number=”3″]

[book-info title=”Mad Love” author=”Colet Abedi”][book-info number=”4″]

[book-info number=”5″] [book-info title=”a place in the sun”]

[book-info title=”A Place In The Sun” author=”R S Grey”][book-info number=”6″]

[book-info number=”7″] [book-info title=”hot cop”]

[book-info number=”8″] [book-info title=”Clickbait” author=”Lisa Suzanne”]

Hope that you like my list and PLEASE tell my your go to Summer Reads either comment below or on my Instagram post!!!

Happy Summer Reading!