Release Package: Fifty Shades of Austen by A.L Ady

Title: Fifty Shades of Austen: Steamy Stories of Austen’s Naughty Women
Author: A.L. Ady
Genre: Steamy Regency Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2017


Are the Shades of Pemberley to be thus Polluted?

Jane Austen’s stories may focus on the romantic rewards of her principled heroines, but there are the less than proper female characters that give into their passions and abandon propriety with equally depraved men. The stories of these women are full of intrigue, desire, enticement, and wanton disregard for their family reputations, all for the often short-lived affection of a top-hatted, cravat wearing bad boy.

These steamy short stories are written in first person by Austen’s characters themselves in secret diaries detailing every aspect of their romantic desires, manipulative schemes and sensual experiences. Find out what really happened the night Lydia stole away with Wickham, how Lucy Steele seduced the brother of her fiancé, and why unmarried Isabella Thorpe ended up in bed with the heir to Northanger Abbey. Celebrating the gloriously greedy, sassy, snobby, brazen, and too-fashionable-for-you women of Austen, these steamy stories will have readers cheering for the bad girl.


Love Jane Austen’s stories?!?! Ever written in a diary?!?! Bad Boys?!?! Always wondered what happened when Lydia jets off with Bad Boy Wickham with no regard to her family’s reputation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you HAVE to pick up this book!!!

I LOVED this steamy novella that is comprised of short stories from Jane Austen’s characters! A.L. Ady has written a wonderful and steamy adaptation of what would be quite the scandal from Austen’s bad boy characters and the less than proper females.

A.L. Ady takes the innocence of hand holding and hip grazing to a whole new steamy level of what would definitely be considered Fifty Shades category back during the Jane Austen era! This steamy read is a must summery beach read! I am more than inspired from Fifty Shades of Austen to read more of Jane Austen’s novels this summer, but I will wish for an adaptation by A.L. Ady!


A. L. Ady is a woman of particular tastes and refined sensibilities. When she is not sipping tea in the garden reading a Jane Austen novel, she can found curled up in a wing-back chair with a laptop, drinking iced coffee and writing regency romances.

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