Release Blitz + My Book Review FLESH INTO FIRE by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain


Title: Flesh into Fire
Series: Original Sin #3
Authors: JA Huss & Johnathan McClain
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 17, 2018
Payback is owed.
And Maddie Clayton is going to collect. This
time Carlos and Logan have gone too far. People are dead, lives have been
changed, and she’s had enough. Plus, she’s got the Devil on her side, so when
an enemy turns into a friend with an idea of how to take Carlos down, she’s in.
Tyler Morgan has been fighting back his whole
adult life. He’s ready for anything when it comes to payback. But endangering
Maddie can’t be part of the deal. Unfortunately for him, once Maddie gets an
idea in her head, there’s no stopping her.
Her debt has been paid in blood and she wants
His fight is still there, but now he’s got
more at stake than himself.
The end is coming.
But even if they win against Carlos, they can
still lose each other.


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I roll our
interlaced fingers over so that I can see the back of her hand. It’s strong,
but delicate. Long fingers and white skin. Veins that tense with the clench of
her grip. Freckles. Just a few light, faint, perfect freckles.
I have the
same thought I had the other day. That I want to learn her. Her body. Every
millimeter of her. I want it burned into my brain. I want to imprint her into
my memory before she goes. I want to study her. I want to have a PhD in Maddie
I let go of
her hand and stand up, turn to face her and then kneel down.
“What are
you doing?” she asks.
I don’t say
anything. She’s not wearing shoes, so I start tugging at the toes of her socks
and she giggles as I work them off her legs and then hold her precious feet in
my hands, examining them. I stroke the bones that run along the top, ending at
the tips of her toes, and I kiss each toe one by one.
I turn them
over to inspect the scar I found the other day, and I give it a kiss. Then I
spread her legs and slide in between them, popping my head up to give her a
kiss on the lips, before I unbutton her jeans and draw down the zipper. She
leans back, propping herself on her elbows, and shimmies her hips as I pull her
pants down. They’re so tight on her, so fitted, that they draw her underwear
along with them as I pull, and then the pants are off her body and on the
floor, and her bare calves, and knees, and thighs, and pussy are there for me
to explore.
leaning back on her elbows, she tilts her head to the side, presses her lips
together in a tight smile, and raises her eyebrows at me.
I lift one
of her legs and place my face right next to it. Like an archaeologist exploring
the contours of a priceless, ancient artifact.
Her smell.
Her smell will be the thing that I know I will hold onto most. It’s always been
that way for me. Smell is the most potent sense I have when it comes to
triggering memories. When I smell cinnamon, I remember my mom. Because she was
baking when she collapsed that last time after chemo. And so that’s the smell I
choose to associate with my final memory of her, as opposed to the antiseptic
smell of the hospital. Because that wasn’t her anymore anyway. Mom stayed in
the kitchen. Only the shell of her stuck around for a couple weeks more in the
hospital bed.
Right now,
Maddie smells like freshly cut grass. She’s been packing and getting ready to
leave all day, and it’s been weirdly warm of late, so she’s a little sweaty.
And that smell—that pungent, dense, round smell of sweat on her skin that fills
my nostrils—reminds me of summer. Which I love. Because I suppose that means
that for the rest of my life, there’ll be an entire season where every day all
I’ll be able to think about is her. Even though I don’t imagine needing a lot
of prompts to steer my thoughts in her direction.
As I stroke
my fingers along her leg, kissing as I go, and drinking in her scent with every
breath, she drops down from her elbows, letting herself lie flat on her back,
her legs dangling off the side of the bed. She traces her fingers up and down
the line of her stomach, pushing her t-shirt up to the curve of her breasts as
I continue my survey of her flesh.
discovering things. Things that no one else on earth besides me will know.
Her right
calf appears just infinitesimally stronger than her left. Her left knee is the
teeniest bit knobbier than her right. And when I kiss her behind either of her
knees, she shudders through her stomach, causing her toes to crinkle.
As I pass
the bend in her knee, I draw my nose along the inside of her thigh. She
wriggles a teeny bit as my beard moves along her soft skin. And then my mouth
is right at the brink of her entrance. I take my thumb and run it along the
pink folds and she lets out a “mmmmm.” I tilt my head, studying my fingers as
they massage her tender skin, and take note of what sound each gesture evokes
from her.
tenderly on her opening causes her to growl from somewhere deep inside her
throat. So I do. I kiss, and I let my warm breath signal my presence, but I
don’t want to penetrate her. Not this way. If she wants me to be inside her, I
will happily oblige, but for now I just want to be here with her and hold her
And I will.
And I will
hold her close in my thoughts every second that she’s gone.
But more
I will hold
her in my heart.
Some people
search their whole life looking for that one place they belong. For that one
person who gets them. Who brings them into their world, lets them fall easily
into the pull of their gravity, and lets them just… be. Just exist. Quietly.
Naturally. Freely. This is Tyler for me. The center of my universe. The man
around whom I now orbit.
Not like a
satellite, either. But like… like two things meant to be one. Like long ago
something crashed into us, broke us into little pieces, and left us adrift.
Floating in directionless space. Spinning wildly with no tether. And now we’ve
been pulled back together. And we circle each other, still spinning, but with
the purpose of joining. Of becoming one thing again. Not because of tragedy,
the way I’d imagined when I sent that letter. It’s not a lifeline of salvation
connecting us now, but some force of nature we can’t explain, or control, or
bend to our will. Some law of the universe that dictates the fate of things.
We are
connected by something more powerful than shared sorrow. And every moment we’ve
spent apart has been valuable. Necessary. Critical.
His mouth
between my legs feels wonderful. I could close my eyes and enjoy it. Let myself
reach the heights of pleasure.
But alone?
No. I’m
done doing things alone. We’re connected now. And everything we do will be
So I
whisper, “Tyler,” as I caress his head. Run my fingers through his hair. Touch
his shoulders. Slide my fingertips up and down the hills and valleys of his
muscular arms.
He looks up
at me, his eyes smiling even though they’re half closed, even though his mouth
is still working. His tongue still flicking against my pussy.
“Come up
here,” I say. “And kiss my mouth.”
Now he
smiles with his whole face. His hands plant on either side of my hips and he
draws himself up to standing. He lifts his t-shirt over his head and undoes his
jeans, letting them fall to the floor, and his nakedness reminds me that he has
lived every single day of his time on this earth.
He leans
onto the bed and eases forward. My legs open wider for him, welcome him between
them as his cock—hard, and long, and ready—rests against my clit, making me
want him.              
If we
stopped right now, if he just rested his chest on top of my breasts, became
nothing more than heavy weight as he closed his eyes, relaxed, and fell asleep…
I’d be content, happy, and satisfied.
And not
because there’d be more chances to do this later. But because it’s him I want. Not the sex.

My Book Review


WoW, this series just keeps captivating me and making me come back for more!
I don’t really want to say much as this is Book #3 in the Original Sin Book Series and you MUST read the first two to really grasp what direction and where the characters are going in this four book series.

Maddie has been plagued with distress and disaster after disaster. I mean you are pretty much at rock bottom when you are ‘manager’ of a strip club in the early morning shift… Even stripping in Las Vegas in an unknown place has left Maddie wanting more for herself and her life, but been crippled by ‘Godfather’ Drug Lord CARLOS she doesn’t have many other options.

This book series is unique and different and has the two main characters listening to their inner Angel & Devil personas and clashing with which direction they should go. I LOVE that Tyler is all alpha male over Maddie and Maddie is really growing in her personality with taking no holds bar on ganging her life and freedom back!


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