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My Book Review ONE SMALL THING by Erin Watt

Happy Release to Erin Watt on their latest book release ONE SMALL THING!


I am a MAJOR fan of this writing duo and devour EVERYTHING that they write! I have put this gem of a story in my TOP READS of 2018 because I believe that it is so good and you MUST READ IT TOO!


My Book Review


I DEVOURED this book in a day! Like seriously could NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN! I felt this book a bit darker YA read for me as the main characters are dealing with some heavy issues. It definitely is an unconventional story with the plot taking you in way different directions than you can imagine. At times, being a mom, I was thinking would I want my high schooler reading this. Some of the things the main character goes through I found tough, but with today’s culture and my feelings after reading the book it is a must! ONE SMALL THING touches on High School bullying, how to rise above the darkness, death, accidents, forgiveness, letting go, underage partying, and just about your typical life of a teenager in an affluent community. I LOVE Chase throughout the story he broke my heart, but Erin Watt put it back together for me!

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