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My Book Review of THE GREAT ALONE by Kristin Hannah

Happy Release Day Kristin Hannah!



I DEVOURED Kristin Hannah’s newest release, The Great Alone, and just found out its going to be made into a MOVIE! Check out my Book Review below.

Kristin Hannah Movie News


My Book Review

“Dad had taught Leni how dangerous the outside world was.

The truth was that the biggest danger of all was in her home.”

This is my first read by Kristin Hannah and I LOVED it! Honestly, if I had not heard amazing reviews of her previous novel, The Nightingale, I would not be interested in reading a book about Alaska in the 1970’s BUT I would seriously be missing out! Hannah had me so captivated in learning about Alaska and The Great Alone and how this transient family was able to make their mark and learn to survive fast in this beautiful, but treacherous environment.


“Up here you can make one mistake.

The second will kill you.”


Throughout the book you really look at a community coming together and ‘taking care of their own’ and how this family of three made a major impact in this homestead settlement. When you read this book, make sure to be snuggling up by the fire, because reading about winters in Alaska it just makes you feel that bone chill cold. Hannah also gives you the imagery of the shift in seasons to spring with the melting ice crackling and able to really imagine Alaska and all its beauty.

The Great Alone touches upon so many important issues: women’s rights, domestic abuse, political issues, alcoholism, PTSD and the list goes on. I Highly Recommend this book and I am off to read The Nightingale!

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