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My Book Review of HOOKING UP by Helena Hunting

***Check out my 5 Star Book Review of Hooking Up by Helena Hunting!***



My Book Review


I am OBSESSED with these characters and Helena Hunting! Honestly, I first read the Chapter 1 Reveal of Hooking Up and was like WTH??!?!?? How have I never read a book by this author before???? And I was hooked so I hurriedly downloaded the Shacking Up audiobook and eBook because Jacob Morgan reading a book is just OMG sex on a stick! So after I devoured SHACKING UP and GETTING DOWN Novella in the EYE CANDY Anthology – I was finally ready for Amalie’s story.


“Armstong was another poor decision in my history of bad boyfriends, and I’d made him a permanent one.”



The first chapter which you can click above, pretty much shows you how Amie’s wedding bliss is anything but a nightmare. A Honeymoon for 1 is just what the doctor orders for Anarchy Amie along with some extra special baggage that she takes along on her island getaway from reality.



I don’t want to give anything away as to who she encounters as Hottie Hook Up and how Armstrong and Amie’s secret Hook Up compare and compete for her heart/mind. Helena does a fantastic job showing how Amie’s headspace is all out of sorts from Armstrong’s selfish actions and his manipulations.


“I know what I want, and I know exactly how I feel about you. As soon as you figure it out, we can figure us out.”


Hooking Up is the perfect, sexy romantic comedy that you crave! With plenty of fun between the sheets and the banter out of the sheets! Helena KNOWS how to write a steamy romance that you just fall in love with the characters and fight for their happily ever after. I am so enamored with these characters is it wrong to beg for more of them????? I will just have to go discover the PUCKED Series now as this series was my first reads from the author. I can’t wait to devour more of her steamy, romantic books!

“An ARC was given from the publisher in exchange for an honest review”

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