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My Book Review of DOUBLE DOWN by Alessandra Torre




My Book Review

I LOVED this Duet and DOUBLE DOWN left me reeling for me! The first book in this duet, EVEN MONEY, is such a great first book setting up the forbidden romance and leaving you with hoping for a happily ever after for Dario & Belle. Double Down begins right where that EPIC cliffhanger leaves you and I am so grateful that we didn’t have to wait too long for the concluding book.

The ending is still killing me with leaving one thing left open… Don’t take the as a reason to not read this duet because you WILL LOVE Dario & Belle’s story its just perhaps an epilogue or short story for these characters would be nice, PLEASE ALESSANDRA????? Double Down gives you more feeling for Dario & Belle and looking forward to seeing their relationship play out. I would say this book has way more suspense than a steamy romance novel. Its such an ADDICTIVE DUET that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! And if these are you first books by this author definitely check out MOONSHOT!

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