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My 2018 Most Anticipated Reads


Happy New Year Book Loves!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and kicking off 2018 to a great start! Today I am sharing two steamy and yummy New Year’s Eve Holiday Novellas and then my list of books I cannot wait to read for 2018! The books are randomly listed and most of them do not have covers as the author’s have not released the images at this time. Some of them don’t even have a Synopsis or Blurb, BUT I just CANNOT wait for these authors to publish a new book! The genres are all over the board some romance, suspense, thriller, Young Adult. Let me know some of your Anticipated Reads for this year below!


New Year’s Eve Novellas


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[book-info title=”15″ author=”15″ number=”15″]



2018 Most Anticipated Books


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[book-info title=”16″ author=”16″ number=”16″]


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