Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Sunday Bookworms!

I thought I would change up the pace and do a non-book related post today.
Since Mother’s Day is a week away here are a few gift ideas 
in case you are still thinking of something for your mother, for yourself, or just for fun! 
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Bookworm Between the Sheets

1. I have this coffee mug and absolutely LOVE it! I saw it on another bookstagrammer’s account and found out where she bought it from. Its on the larger size and well perfect for any lover of reading! I bought this from Chapters Indigo just be warned it is being shipped from Canada and the shipping will be more than the mug… There are a TON of other coffee mugs on Etsy with the same saying at a cheaper shipping rate. I really wanted this mug so I splurged on the shipping.

2. I asked my husband to have my daughter pick out a nail polish so we can paint our nails together. She’s only 2 and just starting to show her girly side becoming infatuated with makeup and nail polish.  I love this Essie Nail Polish color – it is called Smokin’ Hot!

3. I think perfume is a GREAT gift idea for any mom in my opinion! I think its super sweet to have your child pick out a scent that they like to have their mom wear. Then when you wear it, it will remind you of your child. Right now I am obsessed with Carven. I smelled it on a NYC trip way back in September and have been wanting it ever since.

4. Coffee Machine! My husband bought me this exact Nespresso Machine last year for Mother’s Day. I use it all day, every day. With having three young kids this is what gets me out of bed most mornings since I average 4-6 hours of sleep per night. I really need to enforce an earlier bedtime for myself! I just discovered through my husband that Amazon Prime has the Nespresso Capsules to easily reorder than having to go into a Nespresso store.

5. I am all about hiding my already sun damaged skin and love big sun hats! This one from J. Crew Factory is on sale for $17.50!

6. My friend gave me this necklace for my birthday in silver and she has it in gold. It’s a modern take on those old school Best Friend Necklaces! Its an understated piece and very versatile.

7. I am all about doing ‘experiences’ with my kids for Mother’s Day. I asked my husband to do some gardening like this succulent bowl. My children are under the age of 4 and LOVE playing in dirt so I think this will be fun and a super messy experience!

8. A newly framed picture of your family is always a great gift! I am horrible with printing my pictures as I am sure most people are these days with technology.

9. I LOVE this bracelet and I think I have gifted my mom it a few times throughout the years! She never says anything so hopefully she likes it! I have a similar one I got from Nordstrom years ago that I wear all the time and always get compliments about it. This bracelet is currently on sale for $20.50.

10. Splurging on a blowout is one of my favorite things to do and I would go weekly to a Drybar if I my schedule and bank account would comprehend. Drybar has awesome hair products that you can purchase on their website if you don’t have a location near you. I could not live without Drybar’s Dry Shampoo DETOX!

11. I live in these pajamas, and I mean I wear them ALL THE TIME! These are super soft and comfy that make it hard to want to put on regular clothes!

12. Bath and reading time go hand in hand. This Bathtub Tray will be on my wish list.

13. This is my favorite Bubble Bar from Lush.

14.  Since I normally wear my pajamas majority of the day I make sure my lightweight robe is nearby because you never know who might be knocking on your front door or need to run out to my car. This  robe has over 480+ positive reviews.

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