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Lucky Number Eleven Audible Book Review


My Book Review


Overall 5 stars
Performance 5 stars
Story 4 stars
Ready to Get Lucky!

This was the perfect sweet and sexy listen! Even though I have previously read Lucky Number Eleven, listening to the audiobook took it to a whole new level! I am a huge fan of Adriana Locke’s books and this one had all the witty banter and heart that I love so much. The chemistry between Branch and Layla was scorching and I loved all of their back and forth innuendo and ribbing. Even though the start of their involvement is based on lust and sexual attraction, their actual romance is gradual and organic. There is a bump in the road and the inevitable push and pull, but it works because these characters actually grow to care about each other and you’re invested in their relationship. The secondary characters, especially Poppy, were such a fun treat. She has no filter and will tell you how it is, but at the same time she is supportive and fiercely loyal. I really hope that we get her (and Finn’s) story one day.

Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross were fantastic as always and flow together so perfectly. They complement each other so well and are one of my very favorite narrating duos. Wen couldn’t have performed Branch any better! You really don’t want to miss your chance to get lucky!

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