Father’s Day Gift Guide

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If your Dad, Husband, Baby Daddy, or Sperm Donor is hard to shop for like my husband is hopefully this guide can help! Here are a few things that my husband would approve and trust me when I say he is THE HARDEST PERSON TO SHOP FOR!!!!!

  1. If you have a New Dad or Soon to be Dad, this is a great book by Jimmy Fallon
  2. My Dad Loves Me! Is another great board book for babies to give their Dads.
  3.  I make a personalized board book for my husband every year from Pint Sized Productions. They do an amazing job and my husband just loves all the pictures and simple quotes of our kids that I include in the board book. Its the most requested book to be read at bedtime!
  4. I am getting this book about jokes for my Dad & Stepdad.
  5. I purchased my husband a cheap drone like this one in the past. The kids and him LOVED playing with it and bonded trying to make sure it didn’t take out our ceiling!
  6. I am buying my husband a skateboard this year! I may be obsessed with a certain male model on Instagram that uses his skateboard a lot… I think my husband and the kids will have a fun time riding it around the neighborhood! This motorized skateboard looks like it will even ramp up the fun to another level!
  7. I purchased these shirts for my kids last year and surprised my husband with them all wearing the matching t-shirts! The t-shirts are super soft and my kids wear them all the time especially when my husband dresses them…
  8. I recently read The Map That Leads to You, by JP Monninger and I LOVED this book! (I will be sharing more on my blog this week) In the book, one of the main characters has this pocket sized journal that his grandfather wrote travel notes about his European Walkabout along with his experiences. I thought this was so cool as my husband is about to go to Europe for work and maybe could write about his trip in this journal for our kids to experience through his eyes when he returns.
  9. A cool looking watch is always a great gift for any guy! I saw this watch on this Father’s Day Gift Guide   My husband is also obsessed with nice watches.
  10. I saw this super attractive guy wearing these shoes and HAD to buy them for my husband on his birthday last month! He wears them all the time.
  11. This is my husband’s AG Jeans collection. If the father in your life could use some nice jeans – AG The Graduate cut is a great fitting jean and comes in TONS of colors!
  12. Protein Shake mixer for the protein shake addict in your life! Reminds me of Drew from, This is Reckless, by Kennedy Fox! I am buying this one for my husband since I broke our current one… This mixer has over 2,200 reviews on Amazon!
  13. Top Gun anyone?!?!?! Aviator sunglasses look good on about everyone!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and early Happy Father’s Day to the Fatherly figure in your life!

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