FAST FIVE FRIDAY: Washington DC Political Romance Novels


I am currently in my nation’s capitol for the very first time and I am so excited as I studied Political Science in College. I can’t believe that it took me that long to get here quite honestly, but alas I am just excited to be here. Unfortunately, most of our special tour requests were denied but I am here with my family and three young children so we will just take it in stride as to what site seeing we get accomplished each day. Being Friday I just could not pass up a favorite genre of mine POLITCAL ROMANCE NOVELS so here are 5 political romances that take place in Washington DC! And you know that I am currently rereading Katy Evans The White House Series right now!


All of these series and standalone are 5 star reads for me!


Hope that you are having a safe and fun Friday the 13th! I will actually be spending the morning at Arlington Cemetery which I am not sure how morbid that is being in a cemetery on               Friday the 13th…


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