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FAST FIVE FRIDAY: Single Dad Romances

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I recently read a Single Dad Romance that I just fell in love with the book of these two longtime friends and just felt the need to share some of my fave Single Dad Romances. Because who can resist a DILF??!!??!! (And for those unsure what is a DILF it is Dad I Like to F*uck) I am so getting my husband a coffee mug for Christmas with this saying on it, hehe!

  1. First up is Prescott Lane’s latest release for what inspired this Blog post ALL MY LIFE where you can find my   Book Review.

All My Life_Amazon_KOBO_iBooks




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2. Next up is a little Nanny/ Single Dad Romance that I devoured and am STILL majorly obsessed with this book cover! I mean I think its the prettiest thing I have ever seen!


[book-info title=”2″ author=”2″ number=”2″]


3. And who cannot pass up LJ Shen’s Hot Holes?!?! Umm this series I can reread on the regular and still cannot get enough these total a**holes but they are still irresistible! SCANDALOUS is a Must Read through and through and with abs like those…


[book-info title=”3″ author=”3″ number=”3″]




4. Holy Hotness on a Cracker!!! I have no idea what I just said, but that’s what this book does to me… It is somewhat forbidden, dirty, wrong – but not really, and just overall a steamy DILF Doctor that you hope gets paged to your room, hahaha! Hotness factor is INSANE with this one, just saying! 


[book-info title=”4″ author=”4″ number=”4″]


5. And for my final fifth pick is THIS is DANGEROUS & THIS is BEAUTIFUL since its a duet and not to ruin a surprise but it does center on a Single Dad… I LOVED the first book of this duet series and fell hard for Detective Logan, whew its a good one! And have some donuts on hand!


checkmate_6_This is Dangerous


[book-info title=”5″ author=”5″ number=”5″]



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