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Fast Five Friday – PRIEST by Sierra Simone

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Happy Fri-YAY Bookworms! I felt like doing a Fast Five Friday today featuring the current audiobook that I am listening too and just HAD to share my 5 thoughts of why you MUST read/listen along with me!


I have been under a mountain of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) which I am extremely grateful for, but just a bit too much for me this month. I have been wanting to read Priest by Sierra Simone for awhile now and just could not find the time, so after seeing so many rave reviews about the Audible version of the book I just had to check it out since I am waiting in serious anticipation of American King and need a Sierra Simone fix!

Well Priest is well HOT, ADDICTING, SEXY, and Father Bell’s voice by Jacob Morgan is WOW just the kind of voice you want whispering in your ear… So read below my Fast Five of why you should join me in this reading venture, just make sure if you are in public/at the gym your headphones are ON so no one can hear the book lust you are listening to… I would not know from experience… Because they will send you to Father Bell’s Confessional which might not be too bad! (sorry bad pun, haha)

  1. Jacob Morgan’s voice is SOOOO F***ING HOT! When I started this Audiobook and heard his voice it is mesmerizing and really makes this book so much hotter! And its already high on the Hot Meter!
  2. My buddy Book Bruin and I were discussing this narrator’s voice and both of us WILL NOT google search his picture. Because I don’t want to ruin the image that I have of Father Bell in my head. Not that I have any inkling of what he may look like I just don’t want to know until after I have finished reading/listening to Priest.
  3. Dear God, I already need a Hail Mary after only listening to the first 5 minutes! My husband overheard my audiobook playing on ‘Alexa’ and said to me “Really?!? Now your reading Priest Porn? Seriously!” You can guess he is a bit jealous of my Romance Novel Reading….
  4. Did I mention this guy’s voice is Panty Dropper Status just go listen to him and you will understand!
  5. Where the hell does Sierra get inspiration for her books? They are so unique, sexy, steamy, you need a release – umm I didn’t say that, addictive and just not like anything else out there! Maybe she can share with us her fave books sometime, ok I am off to go ask her 😉



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If you do not have an Audible account, you can sign up for a Free 30 day trial and receive this book for FREE! 

Before I go — Did you see the Cover Reveal for American King?!?!?!

I cannot wait for Halloween!

Happy Reading Bookworms!



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