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Happy Friday Booknerds!


Did you watch the World Series and already miss baseball season? I’ve never been a major major baseball fan, football is more my jam. But I do LOVE going to a baseball game and the beer always tastes better there, ha! I always joked that my children will not play any sports that are not timed, but I just signed up my oldest child for Tee-ball since Soccer is not working out so well…. And pretty much my baseball exposure relates to this scene in Sex and the City – of course – Carrie Bradshaw is EVERYTHING!



Ok so onto my Baseball Romance Reading List! I have only read the first book listed, but have already added the rest of the books to my TBR on Goodreads!


Now go sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with some peanuts, ice cold beer and cracker jacks while you devour one of these steamy sport romances! Maybe even some version of this Beer Pong…


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[book-info title=”5″ author=”5″ number=”5″]

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