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Fast Five Friday – 5 Tips for Attending Author Signings

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Fast Five Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!


Eeeek! And being in October no less, hope that your day is full of luck on your side! I am hopefully going to be devouring a few of my October ARCs today and this weekend so make sure to check out on my Instastory and see which book I am #CurrentlyReading

Last Saturday, I attending Authors in the OC and I had so much fun! I got to meet new to me authors, fangirl some of my favorite authors, and hang out with my #Bookstagram Bestie Book Bruin all day. Book Bruin and I were complete novices, leaving books on author’s tables…, forgetting to snap pictures with them, and of course hauling bags of books weighing down our shoulders! I will do another Blog Post soon in detail about the signing with more pictures, but for now here a few quick tips in case you are attending a Book Signing this weekend – Big Apple Author Event – or Love N. Books Vegas Book Signing in a couple of weeks.


  1. Plan ahead with what authors you want to see! I was dying to meet Sierra Simone and she also had a Sneak Peek of her new book coming soon American King so we ran to her line as soon as we arrived. Luckily we did because her long got long really fast and then participants had to get ticketed numbers to come back and see her. So make a list and order of which authors that you want to see!
  2. Have a friend, family member, significant other with you! It makes it so much easier when you have someone with you to help stand in a long line while you can go meet another author that has a short line. Book Bruin and I did this taking turns it was a great way to divide and conquer!
  3. Take your time with the author! Don’t feel like you have to rush and meet your favorite author, take your time chat about what you love in their books. The LOVE meeting their fan base and actually having a line waiting for them is A LOT better than having no one in line!
  4. Take pictures! So many times I kept misplacing my cell phone so luckily Book Bruin was there to step in take pics on her cellphone and also we took turns taking pictures for each other.
  5. I HIGHLY recommend a Book Cart! Grab one of these at Amazon it is so much easier lugging around your books and swag. Just trust me on this!

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