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FAST FIVE FRIDAY: 4th of July Reads, Drinks, and Eats


I know it is far from last Friday but I was really wanting to get this post up before Wednesday, Fourth of July! So here are some fun romance books paired with some festive cocktails and Red Velvet Pancakes to indulge on this American holiday.


Lawless – California Surfer Summer

[book-info title=”1″ author=”1″ number=”1″]



Rush – Summer in The Hamptons Bar

[book-info title=”2″ author=”2″ number=”2″]

[book-info title=”5″ author=”5″ number=”5″]



I Flipping Love You – The Hamptons you need more Rose’

[book-info title=”3″ author=”3″ number=”3″]



Revelry – Summer in the Mountains

[book-info title=”4″ author=”4″ number=”4″]

Please comment below if you try any of these!!!!

Especially if you have read any of these books!

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