Fast Five Friday

by Emma Hart, Kathryn Nolan, Lauren Blakely, Lisa Suzanne, Tracey Ward

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It’s Fast Five Friday on Saturday…

But anyways I had to share some great Labor Day book reads if you are in the mood for some final summer romance books to soak in while savoring the final moments of summer. Happy Holiday Weekend and hope that you spend it with a summery cocktail in one hand, a book in the other, and a hot surfer in the sand 😉

Weekend Booked


  1. I recently read this Surfer Romance and just loved the characters, setting, and the hotness between the main characters! Fast Five FridayRiptide by Kathryn Nolan
    on April 4th 2017

    Avery Dacosta never expected to find a protester in front of her office.

    Especially not now, when she’s this close to achieving a professional milestone years in the making: building a luxury hotel on Playa Vieja, San Diego’s untouched beach paradise.

    Finn Travis, local surfer and all-around nice guy, never expected to find himself the leader of Playa Vieja’s resistance. He’s more of a mellow tree-hugger than a radical activist. Except Avery’s hotel threatens to destroy the place he loves the most. For the first time in his life, Finn decides to use his charisma for more than just attracting his next fling.

    Avery’s worked too hard to let a bongo-playing hippie like Finn shatter her perfect future. And his naive idealism grates on her every nerve.

    She’s not alone in her loathing: Finn thinks Avery is a greedy, corporate robot.

    As Avery and Finn crash together like waves against the shore, their debates become heated. Sexy. Dirty.

    But the riptide of their attraction jeopardizes more than just their ideological values. Can Avery and Finn be together without giving up what they care about the most?

  2. I am obsessed with this book end of story. Great surfer romance that I reread every summer! Fast Five FridayLawless by Tracey Ward

    Lawson Daniel is good at a lot of things. He can show you the best places to surf, the perfect time of day to ride the tide. He knows the best bars, the best bands, he has the best weed, and if you’re looking to get laid, he’ll show you the best time.

    No girl in her right mind should speak to him. She definitely shouldn’t have sex with him, and only a blind, self-loathing idiot would fall in love with him.

    I’ve done all three.

    All in the span of one sweltering, suffering summer that nearly cost me everything down to the blood in my body and the beat of my heart.

    No one walked away from that season unscathed.

    Not even Lawson Daniel.

    *New Adult Romance intended for audiences 18 and older.

  3. This San Diego romance is full of wit, fun, and a hot romance on the beach! Fast Five FridayClickbait by Lisa Suzanne

    I run a popular dating and relationship blog in San Diego. People think I’ll spill their secrets all over social media—and that’s probably true. One mention from me can make you the hottest commodity in town or sink your social life. I protect my friends, but others sometimes end up as clickbait.

    My newest column is all about the most undateable men in San Diego. Between my own experiences and those of my friends, I have plenty to choose from. Want to know if Carter King, the heir to King Communications with gorgeous abs and a persistent personality, makes the list or ends up in my bed? Read on to find out…

    COURTING SANDY EGGOposted by Courtney Sanders

    FAST FIVE: WHY MY STORY IS WORTH READING5. You could use a laugh. 4. There’s a guy named Axel.3. Abs and beaches.2. Sex. Lots of sex.1. Carter King. Period.

  4. What is Labor Day without a Football Romance on kickoff weekend for College Football!!! Fast Five FridayMost Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely

    A brand new sexy and fun sports romance from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely! 

    Hands down, my favorite thing in the world is to score. Touchdowns.

    Don’t let the fact that I’m the leading pick in the Most Valuable Playboy charity auction fool you. These days, I’m only a player on the field. I’ve kept my pants zipped all season long — and it has been long — because nothing’s more important than leading my team to victory every week. Except maybe escaping from the owner’s handsy-as-hell sister who seems dead set on winning more than a date with me at the auction.

    Enter Violet and a well-placed Hail Mary.

    She’s my best friend’s sister with a smile as sweet as cherry pie and a mind that runs quicker than the 40-yard-dash. After Violet saves the day with the highest bid, I don’t even give her a two-minute warning before I kiss her in front of the whole crowd and then announce that she’s my girlfriend. Which would be fine except my agent tells me the next day that we’ve got to keep up the act while he’s negotiating my contract.

    Violet says she’ll take one for the team and pretend to be mine, but our boyfriend-girlfriend scrimmage quickly turns into a full contact sport. And soon enough, I want this game with her to go into overtime. The problem is — I’ve been riding the bench for years.

    How can a guy like me, who finally has a chance to prove his worth on the field, convince the girl she’s most valuable to his heart?

    *MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY is a brand new standalone sports romance written in the guy’s POV!*

  5. And of course you need some hot cocktails with a gorgeous mixologist and hottie chef based in sunny seaside FloridaFast Five FridayMixed Up by Emma Hart

    Dirty cocktails, deadly enemies with a red-hot attraction, and one big, crazy, Greek family--what could possibly go wrong?

    Hiring my brother's best friend was not on my to-do list.Neither was he.Expanding my dirty cocktail bar into food was supposed to be easy, except finding a chef in my little town of Whiskey Key is anything but.Until Parker Hamilton comes home--bringing his Michelin starred chef's hat with him.He has no work. I need someone like him in my new kitchen.There's just one problem: I hate his cocky, filthy-mouthed, sexy-as-hell guts.Even if I might want him. Just a little...

    Working for my best friend's sister? Not on my to-do list.She's another story.Whiskey Key was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, except I haven't reached the heights I have by lying in a hammock drinking cocktails. So when Raven Archer is desperate for a chef, I offer up my skills.I'm bored. She needs what I can give her.Except there's a problem: I've always hated her.Her and her big, blue eyes, sassy mouth, and killer curves.If only I didn't want her.

    Mixed Up is a standalone, enemies-to-lovers romance. It's red-hot and hilarious, so grab a glass and get comfy!




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