Fast Five Friday


Happy Friday Bookworms!!!

I am back with my second edition of Fast Five Friday (which I totally stole from Lisa Suzanne’s book Clickbait – Go read it if you have not yet its really good!)

Below are FIVE top things I am into right now, hope you enjoy!

  1. A Little Like Destiny by Lisa Suzanne debuts August 31st and I just DEVOURED this book in less than a day. It is that good! I will warn you that there is a Book 2, but this book is a MUST READ and you can read Chapter 1!




2. This slideshow about FAMILY LIFE Expectation vs. Reality is soooo my life!


*Except I am reading the book while my husband is on his iPad!*

3.  I am obsessed with The Chainsmokers new song HONEST it is currently on repeat! I was a bit disappointed with The Chainsmokers after seeing them ‘perform’ as DJ’s in Las Vegas a few months back (I mean who wants to hear the YMCA at 3AM in a hot Las Vegas Nightclub?!?!), but with this song and seeing concert snaps on their Instastory from their recent show in Israel they are back in my good graces!



4.  I am obsessed with Halo Top ice cream and the Birthday Cake flavor is AMAZING!


5. Speaking of ICE CREAM did you see the Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Just Fucking Scoop It‘ Ice Cream Spoon?!?! This whole Twitter debacle is hilarious!!!



Okay off to try to get Lisa Suzanne’s book A Little Like Destiny out of my head and try to start another book!


Happy Reading Bookworms!!!


Bookworm Between the Sheets


*Some images are not my originals and were found online*

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