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EYE CANDY Anthology GETTING DOWN by Helena Hunting





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[rating stars=”five-stars”]

I am such a sucker for Holiday Novellas and so far EYE CANDY is just what I need to hold me over for HALLOWEEN! So far I have only read Helena Hunting’s Getting Down short story and it was PERFECT! I craved more of Ruby & Bancroft and throw in some Halloween festivities another frightfully, sexy romance to heat up this spooky holiday 😉 !!!

Ruby totally inspired me to up my Halloween decorating around my house and also gave me some much needed ideas for a Couples Halloween Costume Party that I am attending this weekend. Because of Helena Hunting’s writing, when my friend mentioned that her and her husband would be dressing up as Superheroes — Batman— my mind completely went to Bancroft & Ruby as we were discussing this at my child’s school…. If my friend only knew what I had read about Bancroft’s Batman costume and Ruby’s Catwoman costume it would completely change her costume ideas hehehe!

So now I am having weekly Friday costume dinners with my kids and husband for the rest of the month of October; so THANK YOU Helena for spicing up my Halloween season with GETTING DOWN! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this novella as a MUST READ after you have finished SHACKING UP and before HOOKING UP!

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