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BREAK LINE by Sarah E. Green Blog Tour

Title: Break Line
Author: Sarah E. Green
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2017

CristiinaReads – “Overall, this was a love story that did not only captivate my heart, but also my soul…”

The Cozy Reader – “Sarah Green has created a fantastic debut novel about overcoming challenges and fears, self discovery, and falling in love when you least expect it.”

Booklover for Life – “It’s funny, sweet, romantic, and oh so sexy.”


Emery Lawson was on the path to follow her dad’s footsteps. Going pro in surfing had always been the plan. The dream.
Until it wasn’t.
Now, at nineteen, everyone thinks Emery is done surfing and, aside from two of her best friends, no one knows the truth. Emery hasn’t stopped surfing. What was once her dream is now her little secret.

But if she wants to go pro, that secret is going to have to come out.

Twenty-two-year-old Sebastian “Bash” Cleaton has worked hard to get to where he is. For eight years he’s never had a day off, never taken a vacation. He is the best in his sport for a reason. But the passion that once drove him to chase the waves is missing. And Bash—Bash is tired.

When he escapes for a recharge in a small beach town, he never expects to crash into a girl who introduces him to a new life. 

Secrets, hardships, and relationships come out of this debut tale of starting over and never letting go of your dreams.

Sarah E. Green is a born and raised Florida girl who has an unhealthy obsession with the beach, Netflix, and her pit-mix, Echo. She can be found either at her laptop, working on her next novel, or by the water with her latest reads. When she’s not working or reading, she’s with family, friends, or binging Teen Wolf. 
She’s currently finishing up her B.A. in Creative Writing and minor in History from UCF.



My Book Review





I LOVE this book!!!! Sarah E. Green scores a PERFECT 10 with her DEBUT Surfer Romance, Break Line!

“The ocean is my heart. My first love. A part of who I am.”


I immediately fell in love with Emery and being able to relate to her life changing decisions at the young age of 19 just made me feel her heartache of having to figure out how to tell your parents the life you were living was a lie. Emery suffers a catastrophic event in her life leaving emotional and physical scars that are shaping her life into a different realm of what her dreams for herself were. You have to read the book to see how/if she can overcome these obstacles…

“A new day means new memories and new adventures. New ways to lie.” 

Sebastian ‘Bash’ Cleaton is your Surfer Celebrity trying to find his passion in life while surfing is not giving his life fulfillment and he find himself needing to take a ‘vacation’. Bash is so swoon worthy that you just love him the entire book!

“Bash might be a pro in the water, but he has a magical set of lips and a tongue full of spells.” 


I could not get enough of this pairing! With Emery’s stubborn, take charge attitude and Bash the easy going surfer their attraction jumps out of the pages! And of course your heart breaks as you follow along seeing if they can overcome their emotional scars together.

“I have scars.” The words are mumbled into my shirt, making them not as coherent.
“We all do, babe.”

I was so shocked reading the book and knowing that this was Sarah’s FIRST novel! The writing is so good and the book is just perfection! I already asked her about the next book, because I want MORE of these cast of characters — especially Bash & Emery!!! Go Grab this book NOW, I promise you won’t want to miss it!

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