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Back to School Reads for the Romance Novel Addict

Is your Facebook feed swamped of your friends’ cute kids dressed up for their First Day of School pictures?

Dying for cooler weather to stock up or wear your put together Fall Outfits?



Is it me or is Fall shopping like the best outfits you purchase all year? Ok, maybe just me but it seems the only time of year that I am not in my Mom-iform that consists of yoga pants and comfy tees… NAKED TRUTH – Me dressing up and looking remotely stylish probably only lasts 2 weeks and then I am back to my comfy leggings ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out some of my Fall Outfits from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

My kids just got done with preschool summer school and are home for the next three weeks so look out for plenty of wine & champs on my Instastory while we handle the final weeks of Summer in my house!

Okay so back to my Blog Post – why can’t we have our Adult Back to School Reading List?!?!?! I mean what Romance Book Addict needs a sub genre excuse to go and read haha! Well since I am feeling a bit nostalgic and maybe missing those first days of college, cracking open the textbooks for the first time, ‘studying’ in the library andย checking out the hot guys nearby, also knowing football season is super close to kickoff (football romances are coming soon!) Here is the ULTIMATE Back to School Reading List for any Romance Novel Addict! Just make sure you are Saved By the Bell ๐Ÿ˜‰





[book-info title=”Paper Princess” author=”Erin Watt” number=”1″]


[book-info title=”Broken Prince” author=”Erin Watt” number=” 2″]


[book-info title=”Twisted Palace” author=”Erin Watt” number=”3″]


[book-info title=”Misbehaved” author=”Charleigh Rose” number=”4″]


[book-info title=”Hopeless” author=”Colleen Hoover” number=”5″]

[book-info title=”Trust” author=”Kylie Scott” number=”13″]






[book-info title=”The Impact of You” author=”Kendall Ryan” number=”6″]


[book-info title=”Palm South University Series” author=”Kandi Steiner” number=”7″]


[book-info title=”Too Late” author=”Colleen Hoover” number=”8″]




[book-info title=”At His Mercy” author=”Shelly Bell” number=”14″]


[book-info title=”Beautiful Mistake” author=”Vi Keeland” number=”9″]


[book-info title=”The Unrequited” author=”Saffran A. Kent” number=”10″]


[book-info title=”Absinthe” author=”Winter Renshaw” number=”11″]


[book-info title=”Illicit” author=”Ava Harrison” number=”12″]





I LOVE reading Professor/Student, High School and College books so if you have any that needs to be added, please comment below or on my Instagram page – Bookworm Between the Sheets and I hope that you enjoyed my list!


Bookworm Between the Sheetsย 

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