9 Books I Read in September

September Reads


I had a busy month in September between shuttling my kids to their new schools & classrooms then the dreadful New School = New Germs… So finally everyone is back to their normal selfs and I get more reading time! You can check out my Goodreads Account which is linked on the right with my Current CURRENTLY READING to see my full reviews!


[book-info title=”1″ author=”1″ number=”1″]


[book-info title=”2″ author=”2″ number=”2″]


[book-info title=”3″ author=”3″ number=”3″]


[book-info title=”4″ author=”4″ number=”4″]


[book-info title=”5″ author=”5″ number=”5″]


[book-info title=”6″ author=”6″ number=”6″]


[book-info title=”7″ author=”7″ number=”7″]


[book-info title=”8″ author=”8″ number=”8″]


[book-info title=”9″ author=”9″ number=”9″]


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