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5 Things to Include in Your BOOK REVIEW



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Today I am sharing with you the easiest way to write a Book Review as Book Reviews are sooo IMPORTANT for authors and fellow readers alike! On Amazon, I have seen authors imply that once their books receive 100 reviews they get special recognition and other perks. I know from experience that authors DO READ their BOOK REVIEWS! Once an author commented that maybe she would name her villains as the rude book reviewers names… So think of them and try to always be kind, even if you didn’t like the book!

Here are 5 things to include in a book review or just a pick one or a few:

  1. Did you like the book or not?
  2. What was your favorite part of the book? Was it where the story took place, one of the main characters? Or was it a supporting character that caught your eye? Be specific, even if you didn’t like the book there had to be something positive to say about some of the words in the book. I feel that it is important to start a review positively as this is why I include it always in the beginning of the book.
  3. If you didn’t like the book or a certain part of the plot explain it now. Did you not like that the main guy in the book is a mega slut… Or that the couple just fell in insta-love and passionately exchanging I love you’s after knowing each other for an hour… Just say it kindly what you might have wished was different in the book. But remember constructive feedback is great for a writer to see what their audience did not care for and they can change it in the future perhaps.
  4. QUOTES! I always (if the publisher doesn’t explicitly state not to quote directly from the book) share my one of my favorite quotes from the book in my review. I actually use them in the beginning of my review on Goodreads to help engage users to read my book review. I always think to myself if I was an author I would want to know which of my words that I created really resonated with a reader. And authors might use that quote as a teaser or a promotional graphic for promoting their book – you never know!
  5. Last but not least! Would you RECOMMEND this book to a friend?


Easy right? Seriously a few sentences as a review for any book will go far. I know from my experience I look at the total amount of book reviews when I am looking for a new book to purchase on Amazon. If its under 100 or even 50 I then check the reviews. So like back in the day of VHS Tapes “Be Kind Rewind” (some of you may not even understand this, hehe!) BUT  BE KIND, LEAVE A REVIEW!

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